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Mixing & Mastering Services

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My name is Riley, I produce, mix and master under the alias Mr Society. I’m the founder and in-house sound engineer at X Amount Records, I’ve had my hand in working on pretty much every project in our catalogue.

I hold a Certificate III & IV in Sound Production, as well as an Advanced Diploma of Sound Production, and have completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Music Industry (graduated with Distinction). I’ve been working as an audio engineer in the music industry for over five years.

My core belief and ethos is that mixing and mastering doesn’t need to be inaccessible or intimidating. I like to focus on building a professional relationship with the people I work with, understanding their creative process, and helping them make music they can be proud of. I aim to bring an artist-friendly dimension to mixing and mastering, while offering my services at a fair rate.

I’ve worked on projects in a variety of genres, including alt-rock, hip-hop, RnB, ambient, and industrial music. Below is just a brief sample of my portfolio. Feel free to get in touch!



Teether & Stoneset - Don't Come Back Here

Role: Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Cousin Temi - Sunday Dusty

Role: Mastering Engineer


Role: Mastering Engineer

Deanjames - You Are Being Catfished

Role: Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Too Birds - i’m going to die

Role: Producer, Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Kaz Garaz - Pizzazz

Role: Mix Engineer

Latch & Jason Yen - Waiting Game

Role: Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Nightlight - Angel

Role: Mastering Engineer

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